slideshow studio

I was born, raised and educated in Slovenia. Even though I loved reading and drawing as a child and teenager, I opted for the Management Information Systems study at the University of Maribor. I've been fortunate to land a traineeship at IBM in New York just months before I graduated. One small step for IBM, one giant leap for me. Degree at hand, thirsty for knowledge, and curious about the world I moved to New York in 1991.  Since that time I lived and worked also in Montreal (Canada), San Jose (California) and Sydney (Australia).

After several moves around the globe, I met my (now) husband Harald. Our paths crossed in San Jose, California and we have been together ever since. We spent a year working in Silicon Valley, then moved together to Sydney, Australia. We got married down under and we've got one daughter. I put my professional life on hold and became a full-time mother. Photography became my hobby and a daily part of my life after my daughter was born. 
Life priorities and plans change when you become a parent ... After spending ten years in Australia, we decided to move closer to our families in Europe. We sold everything and said goodbye to our friends (the most difficult part of this move) and moved to Austria (my husband's home country).  

Now I live in Stainz, a small town in the Austrian federal state of Styria. Life goes on, and I continue capturing moments and creating video slideshows. My other hobbies are travelling, movies, and digital scrapbooking. ​And that's it in a nutshell. Thanks for stopping by.  


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